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Understanding Hypnosis....

What actually is hypnosis?


Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of consciousness which we all experience. It is the 'alpha' wavelength which the mind goes in and out of when our focus of attention shifts.  Some examples are watching TV or reading a book and someone speaks to you and you don't hear them. At that point you are in the alpha wavelength, you haven't suddenly gone deaf. Or driving on 'automatic pilot' and also before sleep we pass into that state.   The mind's focus shifts. In hypnosis we are not 'under', 'unconscious' or 'in a mystical trance' but the sub-conscious mind, the 90% of the mind has come to the foreground.  In this a highly focused state of inner awareness beneficial suggestions are accepted far less critically than in the normal state.


The sub-conscious mind is like the filing cabinet part of our mind and the 'alpha' wavelength acts as a bridge to it. The imagination is the key, the language of the subconscious, with which we can communicate.

How can hypnotherapy help?


Our sub-conscious mind is a source of infinite possibilities for guidance throughout our lives. Whereby the conscious mind always tries to understand your problems your sub-conscious mind knows the solutions. In this naturally occurring state of hypnosis the client may be guided to a new awareness which can change harmful habits or unwanted patterns of behaviour.When working with ‘client centred’ therapy our aim as a skilled hypnotherapist is to guide the client to a new awareness allowing their unconscious mind to supply the solution that is right for them. By accessing the subconscious we can help change harmful habits or unwanted patterns of behaviour.




Through working with hypno-analysis we are able aid the release of underlying emotional issues which maybe contributing to current problems. We may also feel our emotional state or a time of stress in our life maybe exacerbating physical symptoms. Therefore finding  more balance may reduce current symptoms.


Hypnotherapy can help with…



Emotional problems

Self-image problems

Stress reduction/Anxiety

Phobias and Fears

Quitting Smoking

Goal Achievement

Childbirth programme

Virtual Gastric Band - Weight management

Let your unconscious mind work for you to reach your aims.


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