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Nicola Schramm


Shape Your Future


Everything you are capable of seeing within your mind is already here, hypnosis gives you the ability to realize your vision


Imagination is much stronger than will power. See yourself not how you are, but how you would like to be. Hypnotherapy offers that bridge to access your true self, allowing your unconscious mind the possibility of achieving your goals.


                               Break the dieting......... chain!  Reach your true potential. Developing a slim, healthy and confident self-image.

                            Start feeling good about yourself and positive reactions follow.


Through hypnotherapy access your true self, see yourself how you would like to be and let your unconscious mind support your goals, re-programming your eating habits. Release the energy photograph of a pasta dishnormally used for focusing on what you shouldn’t eat.Enjoy your food again without feeling guilty or watching what you eat, naturally eating healthier.


The programme supports weight loss, and helps alleviate stress, developing a natural attitude to food, encouraging effective long-term weight loss and good health.  You can only achieve true success when the treatment simultaneously comes from the inside and the outside.


Clinical Trial - A Personal Experience from Becky in Wales.

I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity of undertaking a virtual gastric band through hypnotherapy in July 2011.

The treatment was painless and very relaxing.  It was a total revelation.  Little did I know how much it would change my life?


Since the therapy I have lost almost three and a half stone.  I have also dropped four dress sizes.  This is only the start.  I have not only lost weight which has always been a massive issue for me but I feel fantastic.  The therapy has totally changed my approach to how and what I eat.  It has changed the volume of food I eat and the best thing of all is that I am not calorie counting or dieting, but losing weight naturally and easily.  I have also gained energy, motivation and confidence.  I am exercising daily and enjoying it which I never thought would happen.  I am the happiest I have been for many years and feel that I am getting control of my life back.  The virtual gastric band has given me a whole new lease of life and has worked for me where diets have failed in the past.

Other benefits have been that my blood pressure has lowered and I am able to walk about and have a normal life back.  I am very pleased with the results of the virtual gastric band and I would like to thank Nicola Schramm whole heartedly for giving me back control and a life.


Becky Bories, Wales.



The virtual gastric band is a non-surgical technique using the power of hypnosis to train your mind and body to accept less food.  The clinical hypnotherapy works by the brain telling your stomach that it is comfortable and there is no need for any more food.

This is of course the principle behind the actual surgical procedure but the Virtual Gastric Band carries with it no risk, no on-going medical treatment and the hypnotherapy can be done effectively, efficiently and privately and without hospital waiting lists.


The 'Virtual Gastic Band' was developed by internationally renowned hypnotherapist Sheila Granger and there have been outstanding results with this specialist programme.


Nicola Schramm completed a strictly monitored clinical trial through the support of a local doctors surgery, with great results. Results ranged from a weight loss of 2st 1lb to 10lbs over an eight week period. Following monitoring over 1 year weight loss ranged from 5st to 3st 12 lbs.  Clients reported a sense of freeing the mind  and a  release from dieting mentality and calorie counting prison.


Nicola, who holds an an advanced diploma in clincial hypnotherapy, is fortunate to have been able to train personally with Sheila and now works with her internationally to introduce the revolutionary Virtual Gastric Band Prodcedure.


The individual procedure consists of 4 sessions, each client receives guidance information and CD for continued use.


To find out more contact Nicola Schramm directly through this site.


Through working with hypnotherapy we are able to deal with emotional triggers which maybe contributing towards negative eating habits. As you balance internally , you transform externally. photograph of slimmer person


What is Hypnosis


Hypnotherapy is a recognised and well established form of therapy. Hypnosis brings the client to a point of deep relaxation whereby new objectives and patterns can be suggested. Hypnosis is a bridge to the unconscious mind. The brain operates in four general states:


Full conscious awareness

The hypnotic state

The dream state

The sleep state.

In the hypnotic state you are not thinking but experiencing


How you may feel in Hypnosis


~ Relaxed / Drifting / Heavy / Numb / Floating- inner focussed awareness

Physical Reactions


~ Slower heart rate / Less tension / Lower blood pressure / Circulation alters.


A Personal Experience From Mary


"Meeting Nicola and attending her weight loss programme was like finding the golden key to myself. It has changed my way of thinking, feeling and looking at weight loss. But even more than that it has changed the way I view my life. I am much more aware of myself and my feelings, but more important to me is that my spiritual life has changed and I am constantly being told that I look so well, as if I have found some inner peace -and I feel I have. photograph of Mary before & after weight loss I have also done a lot of clearing out, not just old feelings and thoughts but also in my home. I have let go of the old stuff´in my mind, my life and my home"


Mary, Enfield






                       This is Mary in February 2004, weight 19st 11lb and dress size 28/30







                       And this is Mary one year later in March 2005, weight 15st 1lb and dress size 18/20 !




Nicola Schramm Clinical Hypnotherapist Dip.Hyp(Clin)


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